Why Use Our Image Compositing Service?

It’s not in vain that this is one of the most cumbersome tasks in photoshop since it entails the combination of multiple pictures from different backgrounds into one picture that shares the same background.

As far as image editing is concerned, the difficulty of this process makes it something that is achievable by only a handful of companies. Of the many companies that promise to give you the best of this service, most of them don’t deliver as promised and you need to be really careful when choosing a company, you could count on.

So, what do we bring to the table?

Image compositing, if done with the best tools and with utmost patience by an experienced hand can give you really amazing results. The goal, when working on images in order to bring out this effect is to give them as realistic a look as possible.

Taking into account the fact that image compositing involves having different images all blended into one, the graphics designer not only need to pay attention to putting the images together but they also need to have a uniform balance of everything such as the color, the contrast, sharpness, etc. which is exactly what we intend to give you here at https://fastfixpix.com/

That being said, it’s time to move on to the main agenda and see what image compositing is really all about.

More Details

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Composite imagery- a deeper look

You’ve got a rough idea at what image compositing is about but to get a much better understanding at what our image compositing services are really all about, here’s what you should know.

Composite imagery, other than simply incorporating various images into one also entails blending together different images in order to make our wildest imaginations a reality.

It is via image compositing that say, the illusion of someone walking of water is created or the illusion of blending together fire and water. In onlinephotoclipping.com, we basically focus on bringing to really anything you can think about no matter how crazy it may seem.

Think of image compositing as a puzzle that needs solving but there isn’t really a set amount of puzzle pieces for you to use. So, other than just having complete mastery of the software we use, our imagination is boundless.

How is image compositing of significance?

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Image compositing is basically what we resort to when we fail to get that perfect shot upon taking multiple images. Think of a situation where you’re out with your friends and are taking a group photo. Unless you’re all really lucky, you will have the perfect images taken for each one of you.

In most cases, however, we end up with those blooper moments whereby one of you isn’t really at their best in the shot.

There’s no better way to get this done other than via image compositing. With image compositing, you get to save on a lot of time and resources and the best part about it is that you get to end up with the desired results at a much cheaper cost.

Just so we’re clear on the image compositing, here are some common applications in which image compositing is applicable:

  • Collage images- in collage images, we basically prioritize on making shallow images have a greater depth.
  • The focusing stack sequence- combining multiple images is just but the basics of how what we can be able to do with image compositing. Using the focus stacking sequence, it is possible to put together images that are at different focus distances. The end result here is coming up with an image that’s got a much greater focus distance than any of the individual images. this is normally done so as to maintain the natural look and feel of the images.
  • Background replacement- image compositing is not always about blending the subject images all into one. In some rare occasions, we may have to have one image fit into a different background. In such a case, image compositing just so happens to do the trick.

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Some benefits of image compositing:

  • We can be able to display lots of images in one picture with the aid of image compositing and in the event of doing so greatly cut down on the cost. This is necessary when you might want the consumer to compare different commodities alongside each other simultaneously
  • Image compositing makes background replacement possible and while doing so also creates an in-focus wide shot.
  • In the many instances when we’ve used photo stacking, we have been able to increase the depth of different products. This allows us to not only display multiple images in one picture but the natural and realistic feel of the objects will be observed.

Here’s how we go about our image compositing services

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Like most of the online photo editing processes, image compositing does begin with the selection process as well.

Image Selection

The first step is using one of the many selection tools in photoshop and in order to capture the details, we normally prefer using the magic wand. It is much easier to drop the background using the magic wand as compared to the other selection tools

Alternatively, you could use the quick selection tool which is able to isolate any complicated objects. All you’ll have to do with this one is simply paint it over an object and it is going to seek out the edges automatically. The other alternative for image selection is the pen tool which basically does all the selection manually whereby you’ll have to use anchor points in selecting the image

Edge refinement

After you’re done selecting a portion of the image and are satisfied with the cutout, it is always wise to make the selection as perfect as possible and there is no better way to do this other than edge refinement.

Among the editing tools, you can use in photoshop is the refine edge command and all you’ll have to do is open this then go ahead and use the various options it has to offer. The refine edge command basically isolates any hiding backgrounds and eliminates them from the image without you having to do a lot of zooming in.

It works in such a way that the area along the selection edge is expanded in order to seek out nay smaller pixels. This command comes in handy especially when we’re working with fur or hair

The layer mask.

This is a function that allows us to conceal portions of a layer hence be able to control what can be seen and what can not be seen. It is not always necessary to use the layer mask especially if we’re satisfied with an image but on the other hand, fine-tuning the image is always our first priority

Commence the compositing process

After cutting out all the different elements and being satisfied that they meet our set quality standards, we move on and begin the composting process.

The image compositing process basically entails bringing together all the images and making them fit into one image just like a jig-saw puzzle. There’s quite a lot to be done in the image compositing process so we’ll guide you briefly through every step.


What the move tool does is basically positioning the various shapes that you come up with into a composite. With the move tool, it should be easier to position different images exactly where you need them to be.


Image combination involves copying the different images into one document and dragging them across image windows with the move tool is the easiest option.


Layer transformation basically entails positioning all the different parts of the image to retain uniformity and a natural look and feel. While warping or skewing an image, we observe to maintain the original proportions of the image basically by resizing from the center point.


Depending on how you prefer to keep the image, the smart transformation may or may not be necessary. Smart transformation works such that we resize a pixel layer to make it smaller by deleting some of the pixels but if you want to keep the image bigger again in future, we normally go ahead and select the option ‘transform to smart object’. Upon doing so, we are able to transform an element as much as possible without any loss in the quality.


The goal in image compositing is basically to make the different images appear as though they were all take in one shot originally and in order to ensure this is achievable, tweaking the shadow, light source, and reflections is necessary.

We also do have to play around with the opacity levels such that they may be high or low depending on the image concerned.


Once all the pieces are in place, it is important to ensure uniformity for all the images which is why we go ahead and throw in some effects on everything so as to give the images a unified look. There are various methods we use to do this such as the Camera Raw Filters and the Color Lookup adjustment layers.

That’s not all…

Considering this service can be used perfectly well in conjunction with other services, we’re obliged to make any additional tweaks on your image such as adding completely new effects such as a vintage look to your image or changing the color tone to suit your needs.

Accepted file formats

Flexibility is one of our virtues here at onlinephotoclipping.com and one of the ways via which we make this possible is by working with clients while at the same time observing what they’re comfortable to work with.

As far as the file formats are concerned, we’ll be open to working with whichever formats you send us such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF etc. you name it all. Now, just in case you may have an image in a word document, we recommend converting this to a PDF before sending it to us.

On the other hand, for the final output image, you can always specify the format you’d like us to send to you once we’re through with the editing process.

Why choose us?

Onlinephotoclipping.com is a graphics design company that’s got a really in-depth knowledge in the field of photo editing. By working with some of the best image compositing tools such as photoshop and illustrator, we emerge as one of the best companies in both industrial and product photography editing.

Client satisfaction

Other than just experience and utmost prowess, we do uphold client satisfaction by ensuring that you’re always comfortable working with us. We make this possible first via our customer support and always being flexible to bend to all your requirements. By meeting all our client’s demands, getting the best image compositing services has never been easier

Still, on client satisfaction, we’re always strict to deliver all the tasks on the agreed upon period of time. Regardless of how huge the workload is, you won’t have to cut short your business whatsoever.

Most importantly…

We’re always dedicated to working in such a way that you get utmost satisfaction from our image compositing services. So, just in case you aren’t completely pleased with our services, you can always point out the areas that need correction and we’ll be more than willing to rectify them all. We’re all about giving you the best of image compositing there is.


It’s quite amazing how much we can be able to do with the image compositing services. Being an image editing process that saves you a lot of time and resources if done correctly, image compositing is something worth trying out.

By having the full support of one of the best graphic design teams working with you and a 24/7 customer care support, you’re surely guaranteed to get the biggest value for your money with any of our services. The application of image compositing is quite vast and we’ll always be willing to assist you in getting the best regarding the field you specialize in.

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